Countries struggling to handle refugees may find wisdom in making them part of local societies' economic sector, says Refugee Studies Centre Director Alexander Betts.
Currently, the landscape to help overseas Filipinos and their families had expanded: from NGOs and OFW-aligned government agencies to bank and non-bank financial institutions, non-migrant management government agencies, to even companies wanting a slice of the resources of overseas Filipinos. But the Philippines remains skilled at managing labor outflow, not yet at maximizing migration’s development potential.
With new five-year PHL dev’t plan and droves of returnees, gov’t rethinks reintegration
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Philippine banana market share secured

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It is tempting for the United States to exploit its superiority in cyberwarfareto hobble the nuclear forces of North Korea or other opponents. As a new form of missile defense, cyberwarfare seems to offer the possibility of preventing nuclear strikes without the firing of a single nuclear warhead.


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